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About us


King Group Security Service (KGSS) was established in the Millennium Year 2000. With its growth and links with contemporary security, detective and placement agencies, it aims to assist industries, establishments, and institutions to achieve organizational excellence, growth and leadership in their respective fields through research, identification and placement of highly motivated professionals. As its aim KGSS registers job seekers and provides security placement, detective services and fire fighting services to our clients as under.

Ø      Financial Institutions/Banks

Ø      Hotels

Ø      Private Industries/Units/Stores

Ø      School/ Hostels

Ø      Buying/ Export Houses

Ø      Nursing Homes/ Hospitals

Ø      Construction sites

Ø      Foreign Missions

Ø      Private Residences

Ø      Mobile Protection to Senior Executives




 What makes KGSS unique and Professional in Security is its stand for Achievements, Alertness and Ability.

It achieves when CLIENT, CANDIDATE and KGSS work as a team towards a single objective to achieve. We place the right person on right position to conserve and to utilize human resources to the optimum efficiency. Where acceptable, we provide dual job personnel.

We are alert to cope with rapid global growth, effects of which are being felt in our environment. We endeavor to place, provide mentally alert and robust manpower in all fields.

We able to place/ provide personnel who have aptitude for the job, to achieve job satisfaction and optimum efficiency thus leading to best profits.




We are a strong work force of three hundred well trained, well equipped and dedicated staff. We provide security services by way of security officers, supervisors, gunmen and guards both men and women who are well trained, motivated, disciplined and smartly dressed. They perform duties under our supervision and management, strictly according to the working schedule of your establishment/ factor/ unit. We also provide all administrative staff (peons, messengers, office assistants, telephone operators, receptionists….etc) required for the able functioning of your establishment/ factory.





Guarding-Our guard force consists of carefully screened, intensively trained, Armed & Unarmed personnel. They are energetic, motivated and smartly turned out Ex-Servicemen.




Valuable key personnel can be provided for protection at work and at residences, which have been trained by expert security officers. We are also providing services are recovery agents. We provide personnel & corporate information of all kinds including corporate intelligence, industrial intelligence….etc




We carry out survey of fire protection requirement and install & maintain reliable Fire Protection Equipment.

We also organize training of Staff Members in handling Fire Fighting/ Protection equipment.




We provide all kinds of modern surveillance and security equipments like Metal Detectors(Hand & Door frame, deep Search and Under vehicle), Anti riot Equipments, Bullet Proof Equipment, High Current Shock Sticks , Laser Aim Point , high Tech Power Security Bags and Surveillance Search Lights…etc.




KGSS has an expertise to carry out comprehensive Security Audits/Surveys and to recommended tailor made cost effective employment of security resources including personnel and equipment.





The Agency will submit the bill by 30th of each month and the part should release the payment by 7th of every month positively by Demand Draft / pay order/ Crossed cheque in favour of M/s King Group Security Services.

These above professional charges are based on the prevailing Minimum Wages Act. In future if any upward revision in the above mentioned Act takes place, the increase of professional charges will be made accordingly.


Thanking you and promising you complete satisfaction at all times.




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