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Technology Infrastructure

King Group uses technology to gain efficiencies, ensure accuracy and augment your security program wherever possible. Our commitment to technology means you get efficient, streamlined business processes, smooth operations and a business partner you can count on.
Win Team Automated Scheduling, Payroll and Billing

Helps ensure invoices are clear and accurate, officers are paid correctly and shifts are filled only with qualified personnel

This fully integrated system is web-based and accessible from anywhere via King Group's secure intranet. King Group Account Managers can revise schedules as needed, and all revisions are automatic and effective in real time. The compliance module captures training records and enables management to coach employees, schedule properly trained officers and continually encourage professional development.

Team Time Attendance Check-In System

Helps eliminate interrupted coverage at your site

Upon arrival at the customer site, officers call a toll-free number from a designated phone and the system verifies the call and number. In the event of tardiness or absence of an officer, supervisors are alerted immediately.

Web-Based Training

Enables employees to receive training at their convenience

Every King Group employee can log onto the King Group intranet and access a wide range of professional development curriculum. A majority of King Group's employees voluntarily participate in continuing education.

Incident Reporting

Receive clear and concise incident reports via web-based software

King Group streamlines the record keeping function of incident reporting. We offer discounted rates on incident reporting software through our partnership with an innovator in the software industry. The software produces clear reports, summarizing incidents by selected criteria. Past reports can be retrieved with ease.

Patrol Monitoring

Monitor patrols to enhance your property's safety and security

King Group offers clients an enhanced safety, security and maintenance tracking system. The software allows quick detection of incomplete rounds and even lists the specific checkpoints that were missed. Detailed reports are printed and then archived for future use.




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