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At King Group, our employees are our "internal customers." We strive every day to empower them to be the very best they can be, so they in turn, perform at the highest level. The result of our philosophy is a low security officer turnover rate, which allows us to supply our customers with a higher overall level of service and a consistent security officer staff

Attracting quality people is a critical component to providing quality security officer services. We offer competitive wages and benefits in order to attract and retain the best people. Our automated Applicant Tracking System means better, faster recruiting, and more qualified personnel on site, more quickly.


A successful security program is directly related to the quality of its employees. Our comprehensive approach to screening and hiring helps ensure we employ only the best-qualified people.

Background Checks
Conducted by an industry-leading, third party to help ensure employee integrity.

Drug Testing
As part of our commitment to a drug-free workplace, all King Group candidates for employment are administered a pre-employment drug test.

In-Person Interview
Candidates are given the chance to demonstrate their personality, as well as interpersonal and communication skills.

Orientation Program
King Group's Security Officer Basic Course (SOBC) is designed to introduce candidates to the security industry. Candidates must successfully complete SOBC, including passing a final exam, before being hired.


King Group is committed to being the employer of choice in the security industry. We offer a vast array of industry-best benefits so that we can attract and retain the finest people:

401(k) Plan
The industry's top 401(k) plan is tiered for tenure and includes a company match of up to 75%.

Employee Relations Managers
High-level managers focused on employee relations, customer satisfaction and compliance.

Medical Benefits
We offer comprehensive plans and make healthcare more affordable for our employees.

Life Insurance
Free to all full-time employees.

Performance Incentives
Our employee recognition program positively impacts employee motivation, retention, morale and performance.



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